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Life & Habits In Major Cities Tools & GuidesE-mailPrint
Culture & Habits in India are characterized by a fusion of different beliefs often overlapping each other. Over centuries it has absorbed new customs, traditions and ideas from invaders and immigrants and yet retained the original distinction of culture.

Multicultural influences are evident in all walks of Indian life such as architecture, music, dance, cuisine as well as language. Every region in India has its own particular style as well as links to other regions.


Bangalore or the garden city is famous for its numerous parks and consequent greenery. The Bangaloreans celebrate the Dasara, which is the state festival as well as the traditional feature of the old kingdom Mysore, with great fervor. Modern Bangalore is an extremely cosmopolitan city which means that other festivals like Diwali, Ugadi, Sankranthi, Eid and Christmas are also celebrated with equal zest. The diversity of culture is reflected in the cuisine of Bangalore too. Roadside vendors and restaurants sell a variety of food from all regions of India. Western fast food is very popular too.

The people of Bangalore are also great movie lovers. The Kannada film industry churns out about 80 movies each year. Bangaloreans also enjoy classical music and dance. Girls in every household are encouraged to learn at least one form of dance or music during their lifetime. Classical Music and Dance Recitals are held throughout the year and always open to packed halls. Bangalore also has a thriving theater scene.


Chennai is well known for its classical dance shows and magnificent temples. The five week long Music Season that is held every December is well known and attracts artists from all parts of India. Chennai is also the birthplace of the Bharatnatyam dance form.

The people of Chennai are avid Cine goers. The number of movies produced every year is equal to those produced by Bollywood. Tamil movie fans are fond of music and dances in their movies. The standards of Tamil movies are very high and many have been remade into Hindi counterparts.

The residents of Chennai celebrate Pongal as their most important festival. The festival is celebrated with feasting which typically consists of vegetarian and non- vegetarian rice- based dishes. Snack foods like Pongal, Dosai, Idli and Vadai are now synonymous with south Indian food all over the country.


The culture in Delhi is heavily influenced by the long historical associations of the place. The influences are especially noticeable in the archeology and the monuments of Delhi. As the capital of India, Delhi culture emphasizes a lot on the celebration of national events such as Republic Day, Independence Day and Gandhi Jayanti. Delhiites also celebrate traditional North Indian festivals such as Holi, Diwali, Lohri, Dussehra as well as Eid.

The people of Delhi are fond of eating spicy and rich food like Kebabs and Paranthas though almost all types of Indian food is available in Delhi. Chaats and Papri are favorite snacks of the locals. Popular hangouts in Delhi are the huge comfortable malls as well as old favorites such as Chandni Chowk, Hauz Khas and Pragati Maidan. It is often said that even though Delhi has lost its own identity due to absorbing various socio-cultural legacies, Delhi is still a paradise of cultural styles.


Hyderabad has evolved into a cosmopolitan city due to the rapid development of the Information Technology industry in the city. Hyderabad is considered as the gateway to the south and is the meeting point of northern and southern India. The residents of Hyderabad have a distinct culture which is a mixture of ancient culture and traditions with modern thinking. The people of Hyderabad are very secular. They celebrate all religious festivals with equal enthusiasm.

The cuisine of Hyderabad is very famous with the Hyderabadi Biryani taking the place of pride. Many Indian sweets made of ghee are also very well known as well as unique snacks such as Irani samosa, Dil Khush and Osmania biscuit.


Kolkata is well known for its heritage of literature, art and revolutionary spirit. Kolkata is the birthplace of modern Indian literary and artistic thoughts. Kolkatans in general have a high degree of appreciation for art. A unique feature of Kolkata is the presence of a community club in every neighborhood. Each club has its own clubroom which is often attached to an open field. People habitually take part in discussions or informal chit chats at the club. The fields are meant as playgrounds for children.

The people of Kolkata are well known as food lovers. The main parts of a typical Kolkata meal consist of rice, greens, pulses, fish, meat and a sweet curd for desert. Kolkatans are also very fond of sweets and they are available in plenty of varieties. Popular snacks include fried roadside food such as eggplant, egg chops and rolls.

Kolkata is well known for its celebration of Durga Puja which is the most important festival of the region. Apart from that, it is also noted for the various events such as the Book Fair, Food Festival, Dover Lane Music Conference, Film Festival and The National Theater Festival.


Residents of Mumbai are popularly known as Mumbaikars or Bombayites. The majority of the average population of Mumbai prefers living close to the railway stations for easy commute to their workplaces. The work timings in various parts of Mumbai are different so as to allow the working population to travel by trains without causing a crowd.

Mumbai is famous for its spicy cuisine and roadside food. Snacks like Vada Pav, Panipuri, Paav Bhaji, Bhelpuri and Sev Puri have moved out of Mumbai and become popular all over India. In Mumbai, the best place to get a taste of these tasty foods is Chowpatty.

Mumbai is also the birthplace of Indian cinema. There are a number of cinema halls and multiplexes in Mumbai which feature Bollywood, Hollywood and Marathi movies. The theater circle is also very popular in Mumbai.

A little on the outskirts of Mumbai, there is an international style theme park which is very popular and is almost always packed with visitors. There is also a water theme park adjacent to it which is the largest water theme park in Asia.


The city of Pune is a modern and vibrant city as well as the cultural capital of Maharashtra. The cultural mix of Pune is the result of the mixed race of people that live there. Pune hosts various national festivals and cultural events that are relevant to every region of India. The large student population in Pune ensures that numerous youth festivals are held throughout the year.

The people of Pune have deep interest in Arts, Literature, Music and Spiritualism. Pune still has touches of the bygone British rule which is evident in the everyday life of the people. Pune has many popular hangout joints such as cafes, food chains, bookstores and malls. Apart from these, the Ganesha festival also provides an opportunity for people to get together and socialize.

The people of Pune are well known for their love of food. The food of Pune consists of a large variety of sweets. A very popular drink in Pune is a kind of thick milkshake with ice cream scoops topped with chopped dried fruits known as Mastani. Pune has many eateries spread all over the city and every kind of cuisine is easily available here. Pune is an extremely secular city and has been totally free of any riots. The city is very peaceful and secure.

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