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The root of every Relocation is always a better opportunity elsewhere. It is hard to make a move as Relocation always involves letting go of certain attachments. And if you have a family, it makes things all the more harder. Employed spouses have to make compromises if necessary, children have to let go of friends and familiar surroundings and prepare for a new life. To make the move easier it is necessary to organize the move so that it can be managed easily.

4 Months To Go

Relocation factors differ from place to place, however, the task of looking for new jobs for spouses or educational facilities for children has to start 3 – 4 months prior to the move so that things will be finalized when it is finally time to move.

Job Related Matters
  • Set up a meeting with your employer to finalize financial details and make an estimate of the costs incurred for the move. A lot of employers provide living accommodations or escorts for house hunting.
  • Many companies provide Rental Deposit Loans or Rental Money for their employees. A lot of employers pay for relocation costs of prospective employees including travel fare for the entire family. Clear these details with your employers.
Real Estate Matters
  • Apart from job related details, you will need to settle Real Estate and property related matters too. For residential properties owned by you, you may want to sell it or give it out for rent. If the property is not financed, selling it will attract capital tax gains. And in case your house has outstanding EMIs, you have to find a buyer and then transfer the loan to him. Or you can even pay off the balance on your own.
  • In case you do not want to sell off your property, you have two options. Keep your house vacant or rent it out. If you keep it vacant, you have to keep paying maintenance fees. Renting it out makes more sense financially. Renting out your house ensures a steady income and rids you of maintenance problems.
  • In case you have an outstanding loan, a few steps have to be taken. In case of EMIs being paid from your existing account, you need to provide sufficient funds. Once you are settled into your new home, the bank has to be informed of your new account and direct deduction of future EMIs.
Cars & Vehicles
  • Vehicles can be sold or taken along with you depending on your wishes. The destination state may also be a factor in your decision. The cost of transporting your car should also be taken into account.
  • If your employers are not paying for Car Transportation, be prepared to spend a considerable amount on Car Transportation.
  • With financed cars, you will have to ensure all the formalities are completed on time. EMIs for cars are to be paid through existing accounts and the availability of sufficient funds has to be ensured.

1 Month To Go

  • The month before moving is the time to get most things organized. Brain storming, paper work and closet cleaning is done during the crucial thirty days before moving.
  • You will need to plan a visit to the new city to find a home for yourself. Organize your finances and complete all necessary paperwork to avoid hassles later on.
  • Utilities such as cable, gas and landlines which require a deposit have to be shut and your refund collected. It will take quite a bit of running around to get original documents which will be necessary for new connections.
  • In case of cell phones, you can get in touch with your nearest service provider office to arrange for a new number in your new city (if a different state). While dealing with all these issues make sure that you have all the information clearly. The executives at customer care are notorious for confusing people. If you don’t understand something repeat your question and make sure everything is explained in details.
  • Arrange for the transfer of your bank account and make sure that your new address is added to their records.
  • If you live in a rented house, inform your landlord that you will be moving.
  • Make an appointment with your doctor to get your medical records transferred.
  • Getting your children out of school is a difficult task. For those in junior levels, it is easier. But for students in higher classes you will need a complete Transfer Certificate.
  • It is better to avoid moving during school vacations so that new students are spared the chaos of the first day of school.
  • The days before the move are also the time for canceling Magazine Subscriptions and Club Memberships.

1 Week To Go

  • Decide on the Packers & Movers. If it is a Corporate Move, then it depends on the company, but when it is a Home Relocation, you have to decide for yourself.
  • Take Recommendations & Suggestions from your friend, colleagues and families that have moved from one city to other. All Packers & Movers do not have full-fledged Moving Services in all cities and you surely do not want to depend on sub-contractors.
  • A lot of people make the mistake of opting for the mover who quotes the lower moving price.
  • Before you decide, make sure that it is a Moving Company and not a sub-contractor.
  • If it is a short distance move, ask your Packers & Movers for storage facilities so that you can breathe between sending the belongings and receiving it at your destination.
  • Once, you have decided on the Moving Company, there will be an evaluation visit. You need to put your finger on everything for which you need a Moving Insurance.
  • List all the services that you need for your new home and collect the contact numbers of the respective persons concerned. The services may be: installing your water purifier, your satellite radio, inverter, Internet and anything that requires expert help.
  • Consider what you will do with your Potted Plants? Can they survive a long distance road journey? You can donate them to your friends or at least to a local park.
  • Finalize your last minute meetings and farewell bash.

The Beginning Steps

  • Schedule a thorough clean out. Include your family members in cleaning and shifting the belongings.
  • Divide all your belongings into three parts: To Keep, To Donate & To Discard.
  • Ask for cartons from the Packers & Movers if you wish to pack something for yourself.
  • The day before the Packers are due, arrange for a dinner invitation with friends and families. This will help you in cleaning the fridge.
  • Pack the things that you will need in the first couple of days, like Pillows, Bed Sheets, Curtains, separately in a carton and label it.
  • Carry a couple of changes of clothes for each member and essential papers, like Gas Voucher, House Lease, Duster, Scissors, old newspapers and like.
  • Remember to stock up bottles of water before the Moving Day.

Before The Packers Arrive

  • Empty and clean your Fridge.
  • Call an Electrician to disconnect your Air-conditioner, Geysers and all wired appliances.
  • Return your Gas Cylinder.
  • Make sure you get the return for your deposit as well as all important voucher transferred.
  • Mark the Luggage that you will carry yourself and keep it separately. It should include your jewelry and other valuable documents.
  • Pack your Hand Luggage including your Train or Air Ticket.
  • If you are moving your vehicle, check that it has valid Certificates. Get your Car Registration Papers, photocopied and give the copies to the transporters.
  • Ensure that the tank of your car is at least half-filled.
  • Remove all the detachable from the car, including the stereo.
  • Prepare an inventory of the Car Accessories you are entrusting to the transporters.
  • Organize for lunch and plenty of drinking water.
  • If you have children and pets, try to keep them with your neighbors and relatives.
  • Keep an eye on the Packers & Movers work.
  • Ensure that every carton is properly labeled and is correctly mentioned in the Master Inventory.
  • Get the phone number of the supervisor.

On Arrival

  • As you move to the new city, you will experience two things. As a fresh consumer, you can expect great service from everyone and then again you are new to this place and hardly know anybody.
  • So start with your landlord. Keep in touch with him, while planning your stay in the new city.
  • Apply for your Gas Connection. Your neighbors and landlords can help you providing the agency details. Once you submit the voucher, the agency will seek confirmation from your previous agency.
  • Similarly, you can also look up other contact providers. If you are living in a housing complex, check the rules for the entry of truck and movement of workers, if any.
  • While unloading, insist on unpacking the furniture at the proper place. So at the end of the day you will be left with a huge amount of packing material. Check with the moving company to see if they can collect it.
  • Once all your furniture and appliances have been unpacked, prepare to reinstall it.
  • If your spouse allows it, sign up with a relocation-support company. This is a sector that is maturing rapidly. This will help you in your post relocation period.

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